by | Jan 30, 2006

This subdivision should help to facilitate collecting according to different topics, because collectors will sooner or later turn to a group of topics, or prefer one or the other artist.

As a collector you can turn to certain groups: peasant figures, jugglers and Moriska dancers, military figures (which can also be divided into foot figures and equestrian figures), political figures or animals, candlesticks and vases. The plaques and ceramics also offer a very interesting area, which has not yet been fully researched.

When collecting artists, Prof. Theodor Kärner’s animal sculptures were particularly popular because the most naturist forms were made by the Allach porcelain manufacturer.

When searching for artists, it is easier to enter the respective artist when searching for a product.

Further information can be found under the respective links, which will be gradually expanded.

I can only recommend buying literature, because nothing enriches and inspires more when collecting, even if you have a certain amount of knowledge and information.

Various issues of the Militaria magazine are also available on certain topics. If you are interested, please contact me about the currently available issues.


You can also view or download a PDF catalog of all porcelain items here:

PDF logo Allach Porcelain article listing with model numbers – 868 KB