III. Reich – Dr Fritz Todt non-portable plaque of honor “4000 km Reichsautobahn 1941”


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13.5x 13.5 cm

With pressed KPM mark.

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Not wearable award of the General Inspector for Roads Dr. Ing. Fritz Todt for senior staff in the construction of the Reichsautobahn. Heavy porcelain plaquette, partly glazed, partly bisque, manufactured by KPM (Royal Prussian Porcelain Manufactory).
On the front depiction of the Greater German Reich with the Reich autobahns completed by 1941. Verso with dedication “Thanks and appreciation for the work on the construction of the Reichsautobahn – Dr. Todt in the year of the decision 1941”.

From 1933, Dr. Fritz Todt was General Inspector for Roads and was responsible, among other things, for the construction of the Autobahn. From 1940 he was Reich Minister for Armament and Munitions and thus responsible for the entire war industry. In 1942 Dr. Todt died in a plane crash.

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