AH Bust

by | Jan 30, 2006

Skilled worker with K8 AH bust

A skilled worker who puts finishing touches to a large ceramic bust model #K8.

For the Allach porcelain manufactory as a “party manufactory”, it was essential to come up with a “bust”. It was designed in 1936 by Ottmar Obermaier in a gray-brown clay. The Hitler head from Obermaier, which of course was one of the most accurate depictions of the Führer, was reserved for a rather exclusive group of customers. It cost 76 Reichsmarks, which corresponded to about half a month’s wages for an average worker.

This bust of leaders is extremely difficult to find today, since after the war most of the victorious troops and also the Germans themselves were undoubtedly destroyed for fear of reprisals.

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Model # K8

AH bust