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History of Allach Porcelain

Allach Porcelain was founded 1935 by Franz Nagy in the small German town of Allach, just outside of Munich. In 1936 the „Porzellan Manufaktur Allach“ was taken over by Heinrich Himmlers Office.

Himmler gathert the finest porcelain artists available at the time, to produce this extraordinary quality of porcelain pieces. Here the names of the most famous artists at this time Carl Diebitsch, Prof. Theodor Kärner, Richard Förster, Ottmar Obermaier, Prof. Benno von Arndt, Prof. Wilhelm Krieger, Prof. Willy Zügel, Adolf Röhrig, Wilhelm Neuhäuser and others.

This unique concentration of artist and porcelain workers produced the finest porcelain pieces as historic horseman, animals, vases, peasants, Candle holders and political figures.

We wish to state that this web site does not endorse the political philisophies of the Third Reich. We do not support Nazism or National Socialism in any form or manner. We are collectors and historians and believe that history should be preserved, both good and evil, in order that the evil cannot repeat itself.